Friday, September 12, 2008

Some people think the Sens will be good this year

After reading The Score Sports Forecaster magazine's positive prediction about the Sens this year, I chronicled my own reasons for being optimistic about he upcoming season (read here: forwards, defence, and goaltending). Today Dallas News' columnist Mike Heika, on his Dallas Stars blog, predicted the Sens to win what he called a "weak" Northeast Division, too, although he did sounds a little hesitant. Here's a look at his prognistication:

"I'm not in love with the Ottawa Senators.

"They have plenty of question marks and holes in their lineup.

The problem is I'm not in love with anyone else in the Northeast, either. Montreal is a very good team, which had an exceptional finish to the end of the season, but I think also has some numbers that will be difficult to duplicate (like a 25-12-4 road record and a plus-35 on special teams). Boston is OK, Buffalo is finding out it probably spent its money on the wrong players (Hmm, a high-level center or a high-level winger?), and Toronto is a bit of a mess.

"So that leaves the Senators."


"I just think this team has something. I know Montreal is solid, and is hungry, and that you should never count out Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau, but I think Ottawa is the winner of a very weak Northest Division. Both the Senators and Canadiens are in on the Mats Sundin talks, so that could change a lot of things. But right now, I'm giving the Senators this division.

"I like new coach Craig Hartsburg, and I think he could have a positive impact on this team, so sue me."

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