Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The end of The Black Mask?!?!

The Ottawa Sun had a few photos of a new mask for Martin Gerber, although he said he might not be keeping it. If he does discard the black mask, can we still call him Darth Gerber? Will we even want to?
(EDIT: Thanks to a new angle on the mask, courtesy of the Battle of Ontario, it turns out we've got even more reason to call him Darth Gerber, thanks to an image of the true Vader mask on the front of the mask. Awesome.)

Gerber might be wearing the mask when he plays against Philadelphia on Wednesday. He's expected to play the full sixty minutes.

In other Sens news, CBC announced today that they've picked up an extra eight Sens games for Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts, bringing the Sens total games on HNIC to 21. It means a heck of a lot more Sens games on TV, which is good news for Sens fans. (Via SensHobo.)
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