Sunday, September 7, 2008

Third jersey leaked

A "hockey consultant" at the forums has posted what is apparently most of the 2008-09 NHL third jerseys. Many are throwbacks. The Senators' jersey is a throwback to the time when you wish Nintendo made hockey jerseys and you wanted to display your rejection of the Sega Genesis by proudly wearing "SNES" on your chest. Mario Kart 4 Life!Why Lapointe was chosen for this example remains a mystery... Quick! Someone update wikipedia!

I love the Senators black jerseys in general, but I'm not exactly rushing to the store to pre-order this one. Making the text flow lower-left to upper-right will surely cause some confusion, but it's not too late to replace it with the badass "O" and put the text on the shoulders - get on it, marketing department.

A couple other cool ones below:

UPDATE: Thanks to Haggis for alerting us to the alternative and the accompanying petition, which I suspect many fans prefer. Badass!
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