Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Personal note: Peter joins a fantasy resource

Because I like to congratulate myself on accomplishments, I want to let readers know that I've expanded my blogging responsibilities into the fantasy hockey prognostication field. I accepted an invitation to join NHLFullAccess.com, a website which launched on Monday and is already claiming to be "the BEST fantasy hockey website available", and I guess I've got to agree.

I'll be writing a weekly column on everything that happens in the Northeast Division, and my main challenge will be trying to keep down my normally unabashed Senators fanaticism. I've done my best, but that didn't stop me from predicting the Sens will (or at least should. Or at least can.) win the Northeast and finishing second in the Eastern Conference (that was before the Habs acquired Robert Lang, though, so keep that in mind).

Anyway, if you're looking for a bit of info about the rest of the Northeast Division, or you're a fantasy hockey enthusiast looking to get a leg up, visit NHL Full Access regularly, or you can subscribe to it in many of your favourite readers.
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