Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nycholat traded to Vancouver for F Shannon

As I predicted, Sens GM Bryan Murray cleared some room on the Ottawa blue line today by trading Lawrence Nycholat to the Vancouver Canucks for winger Ryan Shannon.

Shannon went undrafted, but was signed by--wait for it--Bryan Murray when he worked for Anaheim in 2005 (Edit: Murray was already with the Sens when Shannon was signed. It just seems like something he'd do... he probably initiated the process. Thanks for the correction, MoJo). He's been up and down from AHL to NHL since then, having scored 20 points over his 80 career NHL games. He's averaging more than a point a game in the AHL, though, so Binghamton fans should be happy to see this trade as some much-needed offensive help.

He was re-signed by the Canucks in July to a one-year contract which NHLNumbers.com has estimated will pay him $605k. I'm not sure if the contract is a two-way deal, but wouldn't make much sense if it was one-way considering the Sens' current abundance of third- and fourth-line forwards.

EDIT: A story in the Ottawa Sun confirmed that Shannon's deal is indeed a two-way contract, and also noted that Nycholat had asked for a trade--probably so that the former AHL All-Star could get a more prominent role on an NHL defence corps.
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