Friday, November 16, 2007

Trash Talk

"Game's over, losers! The Sens have all the points! Compare your teams to them and then kill yourselves!"

Now that the Senators have confirmed themselves as the greatest team of all time (of this season), I think it's time we start the boast a little.

I will now officially kick off the "Pretire #11 campaign" wherein our goal is to have Daniel Alfredsson's #11 retired before the man/god himself actually quits. Alfie is on pace for 67 goals this season, and he's leading the team in more than points. He's now the leader that many people have criticized him for not being in the past.

Do the Sens have to play the Leafs again?! Just give us the two points and we'll save the world a little bit of jet fuel. Let's just say Raycroft gets the loss.

...and let me state my official stance on All-Star voting. Vote for the Senators players - any and all of them. Vote at every opportunity until your eyes bleed.

Add more trash talk in the comments. The Sens are infallible right now, so go for broke!
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