Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bass back to Bingo (again)

Not that Cody Bass did anything wrong while he was in Ottawa, but he's back to Binghamton of the AHL once again. He did an admirable job replacing Chris Neil while Neil was nursing his knee injury, but this team doesn't need them both on the roster, and Bass is a lot cheaper in the AHL.

Late last month he was sent down, only to be re-called for the next game in early December. I think this latest reassignment, however, might be longer-term, pending injuries. It looks like, at least for a little while (maybe until Dean McAmmond returns), Ilya Zubov is in the lineup to give a bit of scoring depth and a lot more speed. It's not likely very easy for B-Sens fans to swallow, but when the big team calls, the farm team can't hang up.
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