Thursday, December 18, 2008

Senators make ugly mutants

An hilarious Flickr page called "NHL Mutants" came about on Puck Daddy Thursday, and I've got to say: The Ottawa Senators make ugly mutants. I'm just going to go ahead and post the photos, with zero permission from the creator, assuming that since he stole the base images from ViewImages that he has no copyright problems. Here goes, from hilarious-est to ug-fugliest:

Jason Neil (Jason Spezza + Chris Neil)

Dion Gerber (Dion Phaneuf + Martin Gerber)

Antoine Emery (Antoine Vermette + Ray Emery)

Peter Alfredsson (Peter Forsberg + Daniel Alfredsson)

Martin Phaneuf (Martin Gerber + Dion Phaneuf)

Brian Alfredsson (Brian McGrattan + Daniel Alfredsson)

And the ugliest girl of the ball? It's got to be Chris Soppel [sic] (Chris Pronger + Brent Sopel):

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