Thursday, December 25, 2008

Voices on the Alfredsson incident

After Daniel Alfredsson was knocked out of the game versus Dallas a few days ago, I posted a column on el capitano and the need for his teammates to stand up for him--and other players--when they're victims of cheapshots. Whether intentional or unintentional, or legal or illegal, I think there's definite value in terms of team dynamics when one teammate sees another stick up for him.

A couple of days later, former Senators and league enforcer Andre Roy agreed with me. A number of commenters agreed with me, as well, although some didn't--which is fair. Another member of the Senslogosphere disagreed with me, too, in Graeme Nichols over on The 6th Sens. He wrote, in fact, two posts about: The initial one, expressing his disappointment that fans such as myself were still sore over the lack of "retributive justice" after the hit despite the team getting the full two points, and a second one in response to a comment I made on the first one. Here's an excerpt of his second post:
Envision the Senators falling short of the Playoffs by one point? It might not seem like it at the time, since Ottawa stinks right now, but the two points against Dallas could wind up being worthwhile. When you way the potential consequences of the future, retribution should never win out over a potential playoff birth. Well, unless you're Eugene Melnyk and believe that this team will finish as a top four seed in the East. Otherwise, this team can ill-afford to lose any points.
That's the beauty of the balance of the blogosphere; a variety of voices, with equal rights and platforms to express them.

My only question, though: Why couldn't the Sens get retribution on the scoreboard, in terms of the two points, as well as in the retributive-justice department?

P.S. Funny comment I heard about the incident: Everyone knows how far into the doghouse (Craig Hartsburg's, the media's, and a lot of fans') Jason Spezza is; imagine he jumped Jere Lehtinen right after that hit? It's like drawing a get-out-of-doghouse-free card.

P.P.S. Oh yeah, happy holidays, too. My Christmas wasn't as Sens-tastic as last year's was, but it was great nonetheless.
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