Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fight card: Sens v. Thrashers, Dec. 3, 2008

Note Jarkko Ruutu's awesome fu manchu.

Fight card: A new feature, inspired by, highlighting the fight(s) that may take place during any given Sens game.

Boris Valabik v. Cody Bass, 8:31 first period:

Verdict: Even. Pretty big buildup, and not too many punches landed when the fight got on. Bass held up well despite a significant height disadvantage (6'0", against Valabik's 6'7"), and ended up on top when the two went down.

Jim Slater v. Jesse Winchester, 13:44 first period:

Verdict: Slater. But give Winnie plenty of credit for his first fight in the NHL: He didn't hesitate to drop them when challenged, and threw his helmet aside for the fight. No good shots got in, but Slater threw the best one, and then threw Winchester to the ice.

Nathan Oystrick v. Jesse Winchester, 10:07 second period:

Verdict: Even. Not reall much of a fight... Winchester didn't even drop both of his gloves. More of a wrestling match along the boards. Oystrick got in more almost-shots, but Winch threw him to the ice. Two fights in the same game to start your NHL fighting career? Congratulations, Winchester.
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