Friday, December 5, 2008

No Habs No! on Puck Daddy

I got an e-mail from Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo! Sports' blogosphere-renowned Puck Daddy, for an interview about Sens Army Blog's new and ongoing No Habs No! campaign. What is No Habs No!, you ask? It's a reward-system designed to encourage players to score a game-winning goal against Montreal this season by sending them a hand-written letter and $1.00 in local currency as a way of saying thank you. The result was one of today's posts on the blog, "Fans put price on Montreal misery, offer bounties for Habs defeats". The interview was a lot of fun, and thanks to Wyshynski for contacting me. Here's a short excerpt, and it's a good idea to check out Puck Daddy to read the whole thing:
Each "bounty" will be sent in local currency of the player's team. "Someone in the USA will receive an American dollar [in quarters or a dollar bill]; anyone from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton will receive a Loonie; anyone from Ottawa will receive a collector's edition Canadian dollar bill; and anyone from the Leafs will receive a Canadian Tire dollar," said Raaymakers. "I considered sending the equivalent of one U.S. dollar in the currency of the scorer's birthplace, but I couldn't get ₩1,468 in South Korean won to send to Richard Park."


[Wyshynski] Finally, what would your reaction be if the Habs were to win the Stanley Cup in their 100th season?

[ME] If the Habs won the Cup this year, it would be a storybook ending. But I don't like storybooks, I like non-fiction.

In all seriousness, though, Ottawa is so close to Montréal that if the Sens win the Cup, I'm sure someone would bring it to the island so that Habs fans could pretend they won it in their centenary.

Maybe we could start the parade in Montréal. Too soon?
There have been a bunch of comments from Puck Daddy readers on the post, so it's only fair if I address some of them:
  • "Man, that's golden. I wish I would've thought of something like that" -

    Thanks, friend, even if you are a Buffalo Sabres blogger.

  • "Seriously, any anti-Habs campaign is a step in the right direction... even if it is from a Sens fan... " - Josh T

    I think you mean especially if it is from a Sens fan. Also, this isn't a team-specific campaign... fans from any NHL team who hate the Habs are free to support the No Habs No! campaign.

  • "As a sens fan, I'm guessing he thought about doing this for the leafs, but it was just going to cost too much money." - Liner

    BAM! Leafs suck.

  • "One look at that stationery and handwriting and it's safe to guess his return address includes a cell block reference." - m_forbes37

    That's between me, my lawyer, and the Habs fan I attacked outside of Marshy's.

  • "The ransom-note font is a nice touch" - sirhoth

    Thanks, although that is seriously my handwriting. If it looks like a death-threat letter that Jeff Friesen received in 2003 after he scored the game (and series) -winning goal in the 2003 Eastern Conference Final or Chris Pronger received after elbowing Dean McAmmond in the 2007 Stanley Cup Final, I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

  • "I wonder what [Blake] Wheeler, [Richard] Park, and [Tomas] Fleischmann thought when they got the letter and money." - okuwt

    I really, really hope to find out. If I receive any contact from one of the players who receive my letter, I'll be sure to make it available on the blog.
So, we've received $5 from a donor who requests anonymity, but supports the work that we're doing in the No Habs No! campaign strongly. Anyone else who'd like to offer a donation to support the campaign, check out the 'donate' button at the bottom of the page, or send a PayPal donation to And, if you're interested, feel free to post any special requests for potential game-winners you'd like the donation to support.
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