Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Dane: Sens 3, Blues 1

Reginn, often Anglicized as Regin, in Norse mythology, was the son of Hreiðmarr and foster father of Sigurd. Regin had all wisdom and deftness of hand. Regin built a house of glittering gold and flashing gems for his father. Regin and his brother, Fafnir, killed Hreidmar for the cursed gold he had received from the gods after they killed his other son, Ótr. Fafnir, however, turned into a dragon because he wanted to keep all of the gold (dragons frequently symbolize greed in European folklore). Fafnir drove Regin away from the gold. Regin lived among men. He taught men how to sow, reap, work metals, sail seas, tame horses, yoke beasts of burden, build houses, spin, weave, & sew.

Peter Regin. Sent from on high, as his Norse forefather was so long ago, to teach his fellow Ottawa Senators players how to sow the seeds of hard work, reap the benefits of it, work the metals and graphites of hockey sticks, sail the (very rough) seas of having a weak defence, tame the horse-like wildness of Jason Spezza's giveaways, yoke the beasts of burden that are Jarkko Ruutu, Mike Fisher, and Chris Neil, build houses, spin around defenders, weave through opposition, & sew the fabric that will form the future legacy of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club.

Okay, that may be taking it a bit too far. Still, it's always exciting when a player scores his first NHL goal, especially when that first NHL goal happens to be the game-winner of his third NHL game.

Although I didn't get to see the game, it sounded like Ottawa rebounded well from their terrible game against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday with a solid effort against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday. We won the battle of the basement, fellow Sens fans; thank God for small victories.

Dean Brown and Gord Wilson couldn't stop making sweet, sweet word-love to Fisher for his hard-nosed game on the night, and his stats line sure showed a great effort: 2 goals, +2, 7 shots on goal, 4 hits, 20:33 ice time. Nice to see Fisher working hard and actually hitting the net a few times, and getting rewarded for it.

Also, in an unexpected twist, the CASH Line didn't score, but the Sens still won. Daniel Alfredsson had one assist on Fisher's first goal, which was short-handed. As a unit, Alfie, Spezza, and Dany Heatley combined for 11 shots, though, which is the lion's share of the Senators' total on the night (30 shots).

Brian Elliott made 22 saves on 23 shots. Was he tested all that much? I don't know, I didn't get to watch the game. But he only allowed one goal, and gave the Senators the chance to win.

Back-to-back games, and the Sens are back at it Friday against the Columbus Blue Jackets.
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