Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Habs No: Steve Downie *shudder*

This was so difficult.

Dean McAmmond, I am so sorry. It wasn't easy at all, but I have a responsibility to those who have united under the No Habs No! banner.

The following...

*deep breath*

The following letter will be sent to Steve Downie for scoring the game-winning goal against Montréal on January 27, 2009:

Yes, he is still on notice. That will not change.

Please be reassured that if you support the No Habs No! Campaign, it does not mean implicit support for all of the actions of Steve Downie. It means you support the legal actions (I'm not condoning head-hunting) that help keep the Montréal Canadiens down in the standings. To support the campaign, you can do any combination of the following:
  • Join the 160+ fans on our Facebook page.
  • Donate some amount via PayPal to
  • Visit our swag shop (Be the first on your block, or in the world, to own a No Habs No! t-shirt!).
  • Express support and solidarity by commenting on the blog.
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