Monday, January 19, 2009

I've met a few Habs fans who were alright

In response to Blood Red Army

You might not believe me, but there are actually some Habs fans who aren't so bad. Most of them seem to be a bit crazy, though, and are absurdly defensive of the Euro-Habs' honour. And maybe a few of them are crazy enough to set police cars on fire when they win a single playoff series. But I've actually got a few friends who are Habs fans, a couple of whom actually appreciate the comedy behind the No Habs No! campaign.

Really, though, I've got to give kudos to the ongoing hilarity at Four Habs Fans, a fan blog regarding--you guessed it--the Canadiens. The most hilarious have been their series of "guest blogs" from baby Jaro, Jaroslav Halak. Here's part of his most recent post, a game review of the 5-4 shootout win against Ottawa that doubles as a movie review of E.T. (apparently Brian Elliott's last name as well as Ottawa playing like aliens reminded Jaro of the "big guy with long neck"):

"Thees jast great game for me but teem pley like crep. But all hole game I look at Otawa and they make me sad in my heart. Like if my heart have litel eyes and litel heart teers come out of eyes in my heart and I cry inside. Otawa you so diferent now! Before, last yeer, I go to Otawa and have very soft poo in my ass becase so nervous otawa so good! Otawa you before like King Kong of hackey and stupide teem like Mentreal like Empire Building and you climb all on us teem I cry on bus every time to Otawa becase I know Otawa you Kong and me litel great Jaro like butterfly with eating deesorder.

"But Otawa, you change! You no Kong! You like alien, like agly alien in the space outside from the planet of erth! Hahahahahaha! Otawa so like alien."
Awesome. Maybe Greg Wyshynski is right, and a lot of their other content is "vulgar, nasty, and tasteless", but the Great Jaro posts were so amazing that I've looked past the poor taste and installed Four Habs Fans on the Sens Army Blog blogroll--the first, and perhaps only, Habs blog to get that honour.
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