Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spezza only scores two goals, costs Ottawa another game; trade imminent

Sigh... for the 25th time this season, perennial disappointment Jason Spezza has cost the Ottawa Senators a game. His lackadaisical approach and lack of any work ethic meant that Ottawa wasn't able to win the game, once again. All other players are absolved of any responsibility, because Spezza committed two giveaways on the night. In the end, the Buffalo Sabres won the game 4-2, and it had nothing to do with their play and everything to do with Spezza playing poorly.

Spezza did score two goals on the night, 32 seconds apart, and was one of only three Ottawa players on the plus-side of the +/- ledger. But both of those goals were obviously pure luck, and had nothing to do with Spezza's skill and tenacity. I would say he bites, but Jarkko Ruutu has (allegedly) taken that schtick and run with it.

Seriously, though, Spezza only has 17 goals on the year right now, which isn't nearly good enough. It's barely more than Sidney Crosby, barely more than Vincent Lecavalier, barely more than Evgeni Malkin, and barely more than Martin St. Louis. One thing seems completely obvious: Spezza is the biggest problem on the Senators roster, and he needs to be traded immediately.

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