Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Ottawa Boo-Bird (Boobirdicus canadensis)

Sens Army is bitter these days.

Alexei Yashin started Ottawa's bitterness with his tremendously self-involved mid-contract renegotiation demands, and Sens fans let him know just how well-liked he was when he returned to the lineup, and every time he returned with the New York Islanders after that. Nowadays, other players are feeling (or hearing) Sens Army's anger, from Zdeno Chara (after walking away from a team that helped him develop from a sideshow attraction on Long Island to an elite defenceman) to Wade Redden (who, after receiving a standing ovation for all the good he did in town, had the boos rain down on him for [we assume] refusing to waive his no-trade clause twice and then walking away in the off-season) and, now, Joe Corvo (who demanded a trade because he wasn't a fan of Ottawa's small-town atmosphere and incredibly invasive hockey interest). And that's just with former Senators, there are plenty of others (Chris Pronger, Sidney Crosby, and lots more, I'm sure).

And the attendants to Scotiabank Place have no qualms booing current players, when they appear unmotivated or have an impotent powerplay opportunity. It's been happening a lot recently, and, after spending so much money to get in to the building, fans have a right to do so.

The 6th Sens blogger Graeme Nichols thinks booing Redden is a reflection of Ottawa fans "smartening up". SENS Town blogger Steve thinks it's high time Sens Army lets Corvo know that he didn't have it so bad.

This post is really just a observational thing, really. And I'd be interested to know who Sens Army enjoys booing the most, and how they feel about booing former heroes Redden and Corvo.
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