Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Badass mofo on his way?

John Tortorella is one mean motha-shut your mouth-but I'm talkin' about Torts! Then I can dig it.

The man with endless anger was fired earlier today, which should fuel talk of Torts coming to the Senators.

With discipline (reportedly) an issue with the Senators, a real hardass like J.T. ("I'm bringing angry back") could create an interesting dynamic with the dressing room.

PS: Those 50% of people who vistit the Sun website, AND believe that Jason Spezza will/should be traded... I CAST THEE OUT!

PPS: "John Tortorella of the Tampa Bay Lightning poses for a portrait during the 2002-03 NHL Awards at the Convention Centre on June 12, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario." ...or... the next James Bond?

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