Thursday, June 19, 2008

A lesson in humility from Alex D

Whenever the NHL draft rolls around, there is talk of late-round bargains and first-round busts. During these (pointless) conversations, one name always comes up: Alexandre Daigle.

It seems that a writer from ESPN recently had such a conversation, and decided to pull one out of the "Whatever happened to..." file. That file is subtitled "The Alexandre Daigle Story: the anti-Sidney Crosby". So read this story, it's actually pretty good.

One hilarious phrase that seemed to encapsulate why Alex the not-so-great didn't cut it in the NHL...
"When you're young, you think the NHL is glamorous and fun," says Daigle, now 33. "But it's a tough job. You have to be made a special way to deal with it. Me, I'm not aggressive at all. Zero percent."

(emphasis, bolding, and enlarging font added)
That's the type of work ethic you like to see from a #1 overall pick.

Oh yeah... I think Steve "John" Stamkos is going #1 this year. Just a hunch.

Sens Blog Con update!

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I've booked the pool tables. Sweet.

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