Thursday, June 26, 2008

Salary cap goes up $6.4M

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Apparently league revenues went up again last season, and the new salary cap is $56.7M, and the new salary floor is $40.7M. Funny note: after only four years, the salary floor is now higher than the salary cap was in its first year. Take that, small-market teams.

This is good for the on-ice product of teams like the Senators, where the owner(s) (Eugene Melnyk, in our case) have vowed to spend the maximum in order to ice the best roster possible. Teams such as Nashville, who set their own salary caps which are below the league cap, become the have-nots as the franchise disparity-gap grows wider.

If the league is making too much money, I have an idea: How about the Canadian teams, like our Senators, lower ticket prices a bit? It was a comment on the CBC article, and I have to say, it's a pretty good point.

I also have to wonder whether, as it becomes more apparent that the players may have won the most recent CBA dispute with the league, will we see yet another lockout, in this CBA negotiation or the next? I hope not.
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