Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Draft update: Drafting positions released, and other fun things

As an update to the 2008 NHL Entry Draft in Ottawa, here are the positions the Sens will be drafting for all seven rounds:

Round 1, pick 18 (18 overall)
Round 2, pick 12 (42 overall, acquired from Chicago)
Round 3, pick 18 (79 overall)
Round 4, pick 18 (109 overall)
Round 4, pick 28 (119 overall, acquired from Tampa Bay via Dallas)
Round 5, pick 18 (139 overall)
Round 7, pick 18 (199 overall)

And that's all she wrote. After only four picks in last year's draft, the Sens will make seven in 2008 (and maybe more, if Bryan Murray really wants to keep the hometown fans busy).

Ottawa's second-round pick was traded for Oleg Saprykin back in 2007, but Murray will still make a pick in that round thanks to the second-round pick we got with Tom Preissing, Michal Barinka, and Josh Hennessy in exchange for Martin Havlat and Bryan Smolinski; it had better be good, because--with the exception of one year of sixth-defenceman services from Preissing--so far it hasn't been a fruitful trade.

That extra fourth-round pick was part of an all-draft-pick trade at the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, where the Sens sent a fifth- and two seventh-round 2007 picks (one seventh having been acquired from Phoenix) for one 2008 fourth-round pick.

Finally, Ottawa got rid of the 2008 sixth-round pick when Martin Lapointe was acquired at the trade deadline this past season.

Funny notes about the draft:
  • Toronto has ten picks altogether (tied for the second-most with the Islanders and Coyotes), including three consecutive in round five (numbers 128, 129, and 130 overall). Look for them to package some in an effort to move up a few rounds
  • Los Angeles has more picks than anyone else, with fifteen. It pays to suck, I guess, at least when you get to the draft. Two picks in round one, three in each of round two and three, two in round four, one in round five, and two in each of round six and seven. Picks 2, 28, 32, 48, 61, 63, 81, 88, 92, 101, 123, 153, 179, 183, and 185 overall. Holy crap. Maybe a trade?
  • Florida (31, 80, 100, and 190 overall), Minnesota (24, 55, 115, and 145), Philadelphia (27, 118, 178, and 208), and Pittsburgh (120, 150, 180, 210) only have four draft choices. Pittsburgh won't pick until the fourth round.
  • Like Pittsburgh, San Jose won't pick until the fourth round, but after that they've got seven picks to go (117, 146, 147, 177, 186, 194, and 207). They'll probably try and package some up to move higher in the draft.
  • Phoenix has four picks in round two (35, 38, 39, and 49), the most of any team in one round.
Speaking of the draft, Sens Army Blog would like to invite all friends and fellow bloggers to SensBlogCon '08, at MacLaren's (on Elgin at MacLaren) in Ottawa on June 21, the second night of the draft. Come by for drinks, discussion, and rumours. Check out the event on Facebook.
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