Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SensBlogCon a total success: Report

...oh jeez... where am I? I remember drinking some beer with the guys from Sens Underground, and Don from Battle of Ontario...

Where are my pants?!
Why does my mouth taste like pool cues?
What the hell am I doing at Scotiabank Place?!

"Welcome to the organization, son."

Ahhh! Cliff Fletcher!

"We saw you stumble up on stage around the 7th round of the NHL draft and well, we were just going to trade that pick for Eric Lindros again, so we drafted you."


Fletch, it was SensBlogCon, the first ever meeting of the greatest hockey minds in Ottawa. I remember insulting Martin Gerber, and throwing punches at Shredder... How the hell did I make the two-hour trip from Ottawa to Scotiabank Place?!

"Originally, we sent Mats Sundin to get you. But he just kept on driving... so we traded his rights to the Habs for a Quebecois Pizza and a stake in MusiquePlus."

But our combined stories barely tell our readers and fellow bloggers anything about SensBlogCon!

"Then they'll just have to show up at next year's SensBlogCon ... when I'm STILL THE LEAFS GM!"

*Fletch disappears into a puff of smoke that smells vaguely of temperance values and the Scopes monkey trial*

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