Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow. CTV is an asshole

I've purposely not commented on the CBC HNIC theme song because, as well all know, HNIC has always been a Leafs-centred franchise (at least until April).

But, I must comment. Wow, CTV, what dickhead thing to do. You stole this iconic song right out from under the nose of the network that made it famous. That's the NHL equivalent of submitting an offer sheet to Marc-Andre Fleury this summer, and getting the guy.

I believe that the CBC will be fine with a new theme in 2008-09, but CTV's actions were conniving and evil. They stole the Olympics from CBC with a better bid, and they did the same with this song. Who will be claimed next by this acquisition machine?

Mark my words... BOB COLE.
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