Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fuck Lalime. Bring back Tugnutt!

Is this rock bottom for Senators reporting?

Other than absolutely conforming to "Stuff sports writers like" Rule #1, this story mixes opinion and journalism seamlessly to create a genre I call "fiction".

Sure, Lalime could come back. But let me sum up the story in a couple sentences.

Brennan: Do you like getting paid, Patrick Lalime?

Lalime: Sure.

Brennan: How about being paid... in Ottawa?!

Lalime: Why the fuck not.

Brennan: Hey Bryan Murray, if you had to rate the chances of Lalime coming back to the Sens either "likely" or "purple", what would you rate it?

Murray: Ummm... "likely"?

Brennan: Booyah.

Sorry Brennan, not buying it.
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