Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bill McCrears his ugly head

Is it just me, or is Bill McCreary a jerk? Aside from looking like Frank and/or Gordon from the Bell commercials, he's also a egomaniac who loves turning hockey games into the Bill McCreary Show.

Here's a tip, Billy: When a team is assessed for five of the final six penalties in a game, including two extremely weak calls (on Andrej Meszaros and Chris Phillips, two pivotal PK d-men) to leave them fighting off a 5-on-3 in a game that's closer than it should be, don't be surprised if someone bitches at you for making another call, this time on Joe Corvo, after missing the blatant cross-check he took. Maybe you should just toughen up a bit and shrug off Dany Heatley calling your mother overweight, because you're supposed to be a professional.

In the end it worked out for the Sens, and I think that's why Corvo and Heater were so freakin' excited after scoring the sixth goal in a 7-3 victory. But that doesn't make it any more fun to watch some jackass call brutal penalties.
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