Friday, December 28, 2007

Stop stealing my headlines!

"Sens light up Dubie"

...are you kidding me?! Only a master headline-writer such as myself could have come up with that awesome headline... which I did, last night on facebook. But a little childish for an actual newspaper maybe?

In any case, Bruce Garrioch did a good job of explaining the whole "Ray Emery knocks over water bottle, therefore he wants to be traded" episode, without the idiotic implication that he did this because he was angry about his playing time. The TSN writer is a moron.
Emery, who has started just two games in the last eight, vented some frustration with his lack of playing time Thursday, slamming his stick on the boards before hurling it into the stands.
Sportsnet has an even more blatant and sensationalist interpretation.

Garrioch explained the situation without implying his own cause and effect... what real journalists are meant to do.

Even though the Sens soundly defeated the Islanders 5-2 last night (and not like the close 5-3-that-was-almost-4-4 from the Buffalo game on Boxing Day), the happiest moment of the night came in the first period.

After goalie-on-fire Martin Gerber made a diving save, the crowd began to chant his name. Very Alfie-ish. And then... just when you thought the best was over, the game went to a commercial break. During the break, just at the end of the chanting, the Imperial March was played... Darth Gerber's official theme song!!

It was magical. The power of Darth Gerber is growing... he's making a believer out of me.

Still, I refuse to comment on the supposed Emery tantrum saga other than call the media on their shit.

Jason Spezza had another remarkable game and his insane point streak is now at 19 points in 9 games. Man, I am so glad we've got that guy tied into a 7-year contract.
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