Saturday, December 15, 2007

Penalty killers subdue Thrashers, then give puck to Heatley

Which team is going to show up?

It seems that there are two versions of the Senators this season. One that is inspired, confident and resilient, and the other - weak, vulnerable and fragile.

In their 7 -3 win over Atlanta, the Sens seemed to bring the confident version of themselves despite some mid-game struggles. Dany Heatley supplied much of that confidence though he took an unnecessary penalty in the third period for aggravating the referees.

This nearly cost the Sens the game as it was the Thrashers' second 5-on-3 power play. Instead, the penalty-killers did their job and Heatley and Joe Corvo broke out of the sin bin and turned it into a 2-on-1. The resulting goal, Heater's 200th of his career, seemed ice the win for Ottawa.

Recognition should be given to Christoph Schubert, Antoine Vermette and Chris "Heart and Soul" Kelly for killing some crucial ATL power plays and preserving the win for Ottawa, in a game which Martin Gerber couldn't steal.

Corvo (2 pts), Vermette (3 pts) and (surprisingly) Kelly (2 pts) supplied most of the offence for the Senators. Now on a five-game winning streak, the Sens should show up a similar each night, and they would be able to beat any team in the league.
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