Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finally! That elusive 17th win

Well, it took seven losses, but the Sens have finally won their seventeenth game. It's about time... I was getting pretty sick of this whole losing thing. It had better not resume again on Friday against the Stars.

The final was 5-4 over the Florida Panthers. Fans everywhere were once again nervous when the Sens surrendered more leads: Up 2-0 (YES!) until Florida tied it 2-2 (shit... ); Then it was 4-2 (alright!), and then 4-3 (AHHHHHHH!), then 5-3 (phew... ), then 5-4 (AHHHHHH!), then over (thank God).

Ray Emery got the win. He looked alright, but not stupendous. He played better than Gerber has in recent games, so he deserves the start on Friday. Strange note: Despite the fact that Emery has helped the Sens earn three of a possible four points in the past two games, his goals-against average has gone up and his save percentage has gone down. But what really matters are the points in the standings, so whatever.

I don't think I've praised Daniel Alfredsson enough of late. Heroic, as Ben stated, on Tuesday against Tampa Bay, and similarly heroic against the Panthers with two assists and making his line with Mike Fisher and Nick Foligno look like a pretty good line.

Speaking of Foligno, he played his best game yet. He looked comfortable, and could have had a couple more points if things had gone the Sens' way.

Randy Robitaille finally did something. He actually played alright, but he still lost at least as many battles as he won, and he's got some work to do to get back in my good books. I still don't think he's earned a spot on the top-line. He's on the right track, though.

Memo to Chris Kelly: Take it easy. Loosen your grip on the stick. Just play typical Kelly style, and things will turn around over time. For a little while, focus on making smart, defensive plays, and when that's going right again, try a little flair offensively.

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