Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vermette is the next Schaefer - and that's not a good thing

There is no doubt that Peter Schaefer is a very talented player. In his rookie season with the Vancouver Canucks, he collected 31 points. We saw some of this same offensive potential during his four-year stay in Ottawa. Unfortunately, Schaefer didn't become that second-line goal-scoring threat that Ottawa consistently seems to need. He was traded in for the bigger, cheaper Shean Donovan this past summer.

The more-talented Antoine Vermette seems to be in a similar situation. Though he is on pace for 10 more points this season than Schaefer, it's unclear whether Vermette will ever become the consistent highlight-reel goalscorer that possesses his body on occasion. Five years younger than Schaefer, Vermette still has time to develop, but something makes me think that he too will be traded in soon for some more consistent secondary scoring, and probably a larger player (as seems to be the direction of the Sens).

A player like Chris Kelly can kill penalties with the same ease as Vermette, but doesn't demand the same salary or ice time. My perscription: trade Vermette, re-sign Kelly for 3 years and finally acquire the second-line scorer the Sens have been longing for.
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