Saturday, December 22, 2007

Darth Gerber now a brand

A nickname that rose from the blogosphere and then infiltrated CBC has now become a T-shirt. It was only a matter of time, and now Darth Gerber can be immortalized on your chest in logo form (I suppose a tattoo would also do it).

You can get yours at this website*.

In other news...

It should be a very good game tonight when the Sens take on Martin "always injured" Havlat, and a team of the very brightest high-school aged hockey players the NHL could find.

Patrick Kane
, Jonathan Toews, and Cam Barker will all do their best to defeat the much manlier Senators while waiting for their moms to drop off their lunches. I guess the Blackhawks are finally seeing the dividends of their "let's have a shitty team for 20 years" strategic franchise plan. It only took the Sens 5 years of absolutely horrendous hockey to get our draft picks.

What do you mean 'always injured'? Well, Havlat has played a total of 85 NHL hockey games since 2005-06. For comparison's sake, Dany Heatley has played 197 games in that same span.

Around the Bank...

Did anyone else catch Senators' rookie centre Cody Bass calling John Paddock "Mr. Paddock" in the Ottawa Sun yesterday? He is now one of my favourite rookies on the team. It seems he certainly appreciates the time he's spending with the big team. I wonder if Mr. Spezza has given the Bassmaster any pointers yet?

Patrick Lalime will make his glorious return to Scotiabank Place tonight, starting in net for the Hawks. I love Patrick Lalime. He was the first not-terrible to play for the Sens and still holds the team's record for most regular-season wins.

Mike Fisher will be back in the Sens lineup according to Hopefully this will shake up the second line and give the team a boost after a limp game against the Thrashers on Thursday.

*Sens Army Blog Inc. (a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group) does not endorse the quality, fashionability, or possible long-term mockability of these T-shirts.
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