Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't get the refs angry

Referees have very good memories. And they like to stand up for one another. So with all the discussion about how embarassed referee Wes McCauley was when Bryan Murray tore a strip off him in Anaheim, I've become a little nervous about what refs in tonight's game will do to show Murray that he can't mess with refs.

You'd like to think referees are pure professionals, and aren't affected by what happened on prior nights. But history has shown that they do use their authority to make a point. As a Sens fan, I've felt the Sens have gotten the short end of the referee's stick some nights. That's why I've put Stephane Auger on notice. But a lot of that might have to do with my bias. Even trying to account for that bias against Anaheim, though, it's hard to believe that the refereeing was anywhere close to equitable.

It will be interesting to see if the referees for tonight's game against San Jose will retaliate, and show Murray--who wasn't suspended or fined--that he's got to take it easy on them.
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