Friday, March 28, 2008

Playoff engine struggling to start

This seemed to be one of those games where if the Sens won, the lead for the game would have been: "A hard-fought playoff-style victory, exactly what Ottawa needs".

Since the Sens lost however, the lead in the Ottawa Sun was "Just when it looked like they might finally pave their rocky road to the post-season, the Senators blew a 3-2 lead in the final minutes of the third period and lost 4-3 in a shootout to the Buffalo Sabres at Scotiabank Place last night."

Let's not let the outcome of the shoot-out determine our feelings about the players' efforts during the game.

The Sens played well, creating offensive chances throughout the game and showing sparks of both physicality and dominating talent. Cory Stillman continued his strong play, but left the game due to a leg injury.

I'm not sure where people are coming up with a 'strong game' from Martin Gerber. I didn't see anything but bouncing rebounds and holes in his game. I think it's time for a rest.

Biggest surprise of the night: JASON SPEZZA SHOOTS THE PUCK! I was expecting a no-look drop-pass to nobody, but instead the notorious play-maker sets himself up for a nice 5-hole goal. Rookie Brian Lee was the pass-option in this 2-on-1, maybe if it was Dany Heatley, Spez would have passed. Just a theory.

...and speaking of the General, I may make Wade Redden the Nancy Kerrigan to my Tanya Harding, just to give Lee as much icetime as possible. It was also reported during the broadcast that Lee will stay with the Sens throughout the playoffs. Wicked.

Also from the Ottawa Sun:
THE BUZZ: Another sign of spring approaching: Senators defenceman Wade Redden got his barbeque dug out of the snow the other day. On the menu? Homemade turkey burgers
Why does Chris Stevenson know these things?!
How does Chris Stevenson know these things?!
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