Friday, March 21, 2008

Too bad we won't play the Blues in the playoffs...


I'm happy that the boys put together a win, but the Sens should realize that a team like the Blues should not even compete against a team as talented as Ottawa. A 3-2 squeaker is unacceptable.

Now that the team seems more organized and has a #1 goalie, it's back to basics (again) for the Senators: Killer Instinct. The ability to sense weakness in other teams and then capitalize on it. You could see the lack of this quality in the Sens last night when Barrett Jackman took a 4-minute penalty, and Ottawa couldn't put the puck in the net to seal the game.

Although I heard the fans chanting 'ALFIE! ALFIE!' at one point in the game, I didn't see much from the Golden God this game... maybe someone can point that out for me.Everyone knows how the captain was crucial to the Senators' playoff success last year and it would be nice to see him heating up instead of turning invisible at this point in the season.

And speaking of heat, no 50-goal season for Dany Heatley this year. With only 8 games left in the regular season, Heater's got 36 goals. Not a bad total for your average player, but this guy's going to be making $8 million over the next few years. Let's hope he's saving some talent for the Stanley Cup (Finals).
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