Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Ottawa Sun columnist gongshow

Sometimes I really wonder what Sun Media is thinking. I mean... look at this photo of the Ottawa Sun's three major columnists, from left to right, Don Brennan, Bruce Garrioch, and Chris Stevenson, promoting the new Off The Posts feature. These don't look like people who'd write something I'd want to read.

Stevenson just looks like a doofus. Unfortunately, he looks the most normal out of all of them. Garrioch looks like Happy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fame. And Brennan just scares the shit out of me... he looks like a serial rapist, and he has the orange jumpsuit to prove it. What the hell were you thinking in taking this photo, Sun Media? You don't have the resources of CanWest, maybe, but don't you have enough money to pay for a professional photo shoot that makes your columnists look relatively normal? Or don't you have the common sense to realize there might be a reason why these three individuals are print journalists, and not television journalists? The camera is not friendly to them.

Finally... Off The Posts? Isn't that just an admission that every single one of your columns is off-target? It means you missed the net, idiots.

GAH! Oh well. Now I'll just check to see which hot girls I've received a smile from on LavaLife today... ooooh, seventeen again!
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