Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sens minus Heart and Soul for 3 weeks

A couple hours ago, those 3 divorced (I presume) guys at Off the posts posted (ohhhh, I get it now) that in a conversation with Bryan Murray, it was stated that Chris Kelly would be out for three weeks - a period that includes the first round of the playoffs.

The more interesting part is that Murray said no one would be called up from the farm to fill in his spot. That means Randy "belongs in Russia" Robitaille will likely be back in the lineup. Okay, I guess. If that's the plan for the playoffs then I would say give Cody Bass a try before the end of the regular season.

Due to some injury-related administrative details, Bass is with the Sens for the rest of the season and won't be sent to the Baby Sens. So give him a shot.

The Kelly injury also means that Christoph Schubert should expect more time on the pk as a forward.

Last night I was surprised to see Mike Commodore and Luke Richardson killing penalties, not the roles I expected them to fill. But I suppose that some line juggling can be expected on the pk units as Kelly ate up a ton of that time.
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