Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sens doing a good job of alienating fans

The last Sens game the average fan watched was Ottawa vs Anaheim on Monday, March 3. All the games since have either not been on TV or PPV.

I'm feeling a serious disconnect from my team, and it's been reflected in both posts on this website, and the number of people visiting it.

While Martin Gerber has been rising to the #1 spot, Sens fans have only heard about it through daily updates on TSN.

I've been unable to determine with my own eyes whether or not the Sens have been playing better of late, and whether or not they're missing the injured Chris Neil. Has Bryan Murray been making a difference behind the bench? How the hell do I know?

Ottawa's next game is tomorrow, March 13 and I've been looking forward to it for far too long. And now the good news: the Sens next four games are on TV.
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