Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playoff goaltending controversy assured

The Sens are in a bad situation when the playoffs roll around.

Will Bryan Murray stick with Martin Gerber between the pipes? It's a difficult decision. Ray Emery helped his team advance to the Stanley Cup Final last year, and is the most successful playoff goaltender in Senators franchise history.

Gerber appears to be the #1 goalie right now, but has started 12 consecutive games and will surely need a game or two off to rest before the playoffs. That gives Emery his final chance to show that he is the true playoff starter.

If Gerber starts the playoffs for the Sens and does anything but win the first round for the Sens in 5 or less game, many will be calling for a change in net -- even those who have based their newspaper columns on chastising Emery all season. Just watch.

Gerber has not looked great in net for the Sens recently, giving up rebounds aplenty, and allowing second-chance shots to find the back of the net with ease. Emery must get his chance soon.

I hope he blows it. The Sens need a clear #1 to believe in and depend on for the playoffs. If it's Gerber then so be it.

God help them, God help us all.
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