Sunday, October 26, 2008

A few people are missing from this scoreboard... hmm....

It appears that the 'split up everyone' tactic has failed. When the Senators loss to the Leafs 3-2 (especially in the regular season) something has gone very wrong. The Sens are getting that secondary scoring in the form of Dean McAmmond and Shean Donovan, but there's another thing you need to win games... what's it called again? PRIMARY SCORING!

Coach, put the big three back together and let's end this losing streak. A win once in a while would do wonders for the team (not to mention my enthusiasm for blogging).

It also appears that Alex Auld cannot single handedly win a game for the Sens. I mean, he did okay, and no one is blaming him for the loss - and that's more than we have come to expect from Gerber this year.

I also want to add that tossing Chris Neil to the ice, then taking five fists in the face does not give you the victory in an NHL fight, Luke Schenn.

Filip Kuba continues to rack up the assists while his +/- remains stagnant. Despite his team-leading 11 points, he's a mere +1. Chris Phillips and Anton Volchenkov have looked slow and pourous, allowing wingers to blow past them wide (especially Big Rig), they're a combined -11.

After a couple games with five or more days before their next match, the Sens are now in the midst of three games in four days, with their next coming Monday night against the Sabres. How many more games before our faith will be restored?
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