Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brennan starts some shit

On the weekend, Don Brennan wrote an article in the Ottawa Sun lambasting an Ottawa Senators player. Nothing unusual there. What was unusual was his methodology: Fabricating an event to do it.
"The booing drowned out the cheering when Martin Gerber was announced as the second star of last night's 3-2 home opening loss to the Detroit Red Wings at Scotiabank Place."
I was at the game. As disappointing as Gerber's last-minute bobble was, I don't at all remember this happening. Maybe Brennan was sitting directly above a Red Wings booster club or something, but Gerber's 38-save performance kept Ottawa in the game for as long as they were, and he was deserving of a second- or third-star award. If anyone else who was at the game can either confirm or correct my recollection, it would be appreciated.

A lot of people are riding Gerber right now. Maybe I am an "apologist", as Black Aces has criticized some for being. Maybe I'm more patient (or more naive) than Sens Chirp. Maybe I'm not ready to throw Brian Elliott--who has been playing well in the AHL, but it's still the AHL--into the Sens' starting role, as the 6th Sens is looking forward to. Bottom line, I'm fine with another half-dozen games for Gerber. If he hasn't picked up his game by then, well, then I'll admit there are serious problems.
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