Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thoughts on last night's game

I went to the game last night at Scotiabank Place. Section 203, great view.
  • Thought 1: Are the Coyotes that bad? The Sens gave them far too many chances to make this game interesting after leaping out to an early lead. The Senators' defensive lapses would have cost them a lot more against a better team like Detroit. That sort of effort won't produce a win tonight against Boston either.
  • Thought 2: What a weird photo.
  • There was some strange stuff going on for the Sens on defence last night. What was Jason Smith doing paired with Filip Kuba? Those two guys seem to be on the opposite ends of the grit and offensive capability spectrums.
  • Apparently there's a new "thing" at Scotiabank Place. Fans now yell along with the announcer as he says the last name of the player who scored the goal. Especially fun saying "Ruutuuuuuu", not so much with the Heatley, but whatever.
  • Jarkko Ruutu can score goals too?! Huh.... cool.
  • Jason Spezza hit people last night! I noticed it at the start of the game especially. He was knocking people around!
  • Martin Gerber went from facing no shots at all to making a few good saves near the end of the game. He shut my Gerber-hating mouth on a couple of occasions. Nice work.
  • No more Senators theme song at games anymore. That song made me giddy with anticipation most nights. Bring it back!
  • Final thought: Alfie = Jesus.
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