Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brennan a shit-disturber, still

I was just looking back at a column Don Brennan wrote earlier this week about Filip Kuba, entitled "Kuba not exactly a big hit". Excuse me? Seven points in five games isn't big enough for you? Turns out, it was a play on words (hilarious, Don) based around the fact that Kuba has one recorded hit in his five games so far.

So... you're basing an entire article criticizing the Sens' far-and-away highest-scoring defenceman on a flawed statistic measured by often biased and subjective statisticians? Are you trying to run another player out of town, Don? I don't even get it... it's not like Kuba refused an interview like Joe Corvo (who I believe Brennan or Bruce Garrioch dubbed 'Uh-Oh' Corvo) might have last year, because you've got quotes from him on the very subject. I guess you just want to be a jackass. Here's an excerpt of the story:
"Not for a second did Senators GM Bryan Murray believe he was getting a reasonable facsimile of [Zdeno] Chara when he obtained Filip Kuba in the Andrej Meszaros trade before training camp. But they do have their similarities. They are from neighbouring countries. They are the same age. They play the same position.

"And they're both tall.

"A glaring difference is the way they play the game. One is so physical, the other is so not."
I can think of another big difference, Don, one you apparently missed: One is making $7.5M (Chara), while the other is only making $3M (Kuba). There's a pretty big difference. Oh yeah, and one is expected to lead the charge in virtually every facet of the game (Chara), while another was acquired to be a complementary piece (Kuba).

As Ben mentioned, a lot of players have a hard time dealing with slobbering fans (and slobbering bloggers) staring at them whenever they go out in public. But I think it's a lot harder to deal with reporters who generate baseless controversy out of nothing.
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