Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here's a headline you didn't see coming

Habs face NHL's No. 1 goalie
The No. 1 goaltender in the National Hockey League will be in action tonight at the Bell Centre - and it's not Carey Price.

A week ago, Price had the best goals-against average in the NHL, a sparkling 1.92. But it didn't help his GAA or his save percentage when he gave up six goals to the Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday night and dropped out of the NHL's top 10 in both categories.

The new goals-against average leader is Alex Auld, 27, a journeyman who just might be the answer to the Ottawa Senators' goaltending woes.

So we've got the best goalie in the NHL now? News to me. Either TSN and the Gazette are in cahoots, or we've stumbled into some kind of alterno-world where Barack Obama has been elected President and the Ottawa Senators have the best goalie in the league.

(PS: It did cross my mind that adding "Barack Obama" to this blog would increase our hits today. Nice!)

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