Monday, November 3, 2008

Nikulin pretty much gone

According to Michael Sharp's Sharp on the Sens, Alexander Nikulin is on his way to Russia. He's making a layover in New York City for a few days, however, in case a trade can be done (I guess he's still holding out hope that he'll play for an NHL team this year).

If Nikulin is traded, I assume he will report to that team--at least for a while. If he makes the NHL squad he'll probably stick around, but if not there's no reason to think he'll play in the AHL for some other organization. One thing is certain, though: He won't be back in the Senators' system.

You know what? It's too bad. It's too bad Nikulin was so willing to put in the time last season, but felt that one year's seasoning would automatically guarantee him a spot in the NHL. And it's too bad that, over the course of the off-season, SputNik was surpassed by friend Ilya Zubov as well as Peter Regin, Zack Smith, and newcomer Ryan Shannon on the B-Sens' depth chart. As skilled as he is, players--especially ones who haven't proven themselves--aren't really able to dictate where they will play.

Best of luck to Nikulin, though. At least when he's not playing against the Senators.
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