Sunday, November 23, 2008

Zubov sent back down, despite awesomeness

Well, I suppose 'awesomeness' might be a little strong, but I'll definitely give him credit for solidness. He may not have scored a point in four games, but Ilya Zubov had some pretty good chances and would have notched an assist if Antoine Vermette wasn't in the slump of slumps recently. The Chelyabinsk, Russia native still managed five shots in his four games, really held his own on the powerplay, and was a big part of the pressure the Bingo Line (aka the '87 Line, with Cody Bass and Nick Foligno) was able to exert in their two games together. Given more chances, he could definitely have gotten some points for the Senators, but the B-Sens need his help much more--they haven't scored a goal in three games now.

So, according to Binghamton Senators beat writer Michael Sharp, Zubov is on his way back to Binghamton, at least for now. It may be temporary until the Sens play on Thursday, but more likely Bryan Murray (or Craig Hartsburg) decided that he'd be utilized more effectively and in a proper offensive role in Bingo. At least Murray knows that he's got a capable young kid down on the farm, just in case he wants to trade a forward for a defenceman. (cough*VERMETTE*cough Just joking, I think Vermette is working his ass off, but maybe he does need a change of scenery. And he definitely needs to hit the net once in a while.)

Keep your chin up, Zubov. And please, although I don't think you're the type to walk out on your contract, don't go back to Russia to play in the KHL.
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