Monday, November 24, 2008

No Habs No: Richard Park

Geez, this No Habs No! campaign might end up costing me more than I had originally expected. I guess the prospect of getting one dollar in local currency motivated Richard Park (who is probably my favourite player in all of the Atlantic Division) to score the shootout-clincher against the Montreal Canadiens. Hate to pick on the kid, but maybe I should send a thank-you to Ryan O'Byrne for his own-goal to send the game to overtime (seriously, though, tough luck for the guy, especially since he's already getting crapped on by Habs fans). I digress; here's the letter Park will be receiving as the most recent contributor to the No Habs No! campaign:

And, dear readers and Sens fans, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I want the Habs to lose as many games as they can this season, but I also want to save at least some of my money. So if anyone would like to help Sens Army Blog engage in the No Habs No! campaign, please feel free to send a donation to us through PayPal by clicking the button below, or sending payment to Every dollar (or other unit of currency) helps!

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