Saturday, November 22, 2008

Return of Redden

The Senators are up 1-0 after one period against the New York Rangers. The main component of the Sens' game so far has been smart plays -- in other words, a lack of the mistakes that put them behind early in games past. Case-in-point: No shots against through the first 13 minutes of the period.

Jarkko Ruutu really is an ass. His smartest play of the first period was sucking Paul Mara into the roughing penalty that resulted in Spezza's goal. His most stupid play was hitting a Rangers player on an icing call. Even the refs took that opportunity to rough him up after that stupid decision.

I haven't watched Brendan Bell too closely in games past, but he looks extremely comfortable, smart, and mobile on the blueline for the Senators' first period powerplays.

What a tip from Foligno on the disallowed goal. He took that puck from flying two feet above the net to through ankles of Valiquette.

In the second period now, the Rangers are looking panicked on defence. At the Sens' end, Auld isn't looking too comfortable in his crease. Granted, he hasn't allowed a goal, but I can't help but feel he'll cough up the puck and cost the Sens a goal in the third (you know - pull a 'Gerber').

As I type this, Jesse Winchester has just scored his second career goal with a great individual effort. Fighting off a defender, J-Win (that name won't stick) backhands it through Valiquette's legs.

Ruutu should get an assist on Alfie's goal late in the second period. Gary Galley admits it was goaltender interference, but haven't the Sens had enough goal disallowed in the past couple games? Finally, karma bounces back.

The CBC gang is warning Ruutu to tone down hijinx, especially if the Sens manage to score another couple goals and put this game out of the Rangers' reach. After having another look at the replay when he touched the NY goalie resulting in the Alfredsson goal, it appears that he tripped over the back of the net (at least a little). Anyone else see this? Or do I just have Jarko-coloured glasses on right now?

Okay, Auld let one in, but he didn't cough up the puck, it just went right through him. On second thought, maybe that's pulling a 'Gerber' too.

Foligno deserved that goal, he's played a tough game on the third line with a couple rookies. Kudos to the refs for not eating up 15 minutes and reviewing that goal.

Other than the Senators' improved effort and newly discovered ability to... you know... score goals, the story of the game has been the absense of the Rangers' big guns. Did we even hear the name Drury in this game? What about Naslund? It's like we've passed on the scoring curse to the

Colton Orr says 'fuck it' and jumps Ruutu, whether Jarkko wants to fight or not. He gets sent to the penalty box for the final minutes of the game. Wow, anti-climactic. Yup, Ruutu's an asshole, and he's damn good at it.

Spezza shows he can go a whole game without a no-look drop-pass! I guess we don't have to trade him after all. (Seriously though, never trade him.)

4-1 win breaks the six game losing streak. Are the Senators back on track? Let 'er rip in the comments.

Check out the Senators players thoughts on the new black jersey. Summary: They like the colour black.

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