Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unneeded knee injuries for Neil and Fisher

According to the Ottawa Citizen, both Chris Neil and Mike Fisher will miss Thursday's game against the Habs with knee injuries. The seriousness of the injuries are not yet known, but they will definitely keep the players out for at least the one game. One thing I noticed once Fisher went down last night: The Rangers didn't have much of a physical price to pay with those two out of the lineup.

To bring up the physical play, Christoph Schubert might be bumped up to forward--although he wouldn't likely be too happy with that. Alternatively, Cody Bass or Chaz Johnson could be called up and further deplete the B-Sens roster. Unfortunately Jeremy Yablonski is out with injury, so we won't see his Senators debut for at least a while longer.

Remember in the 2006-07 season when the Sens started about the same way they've started this season, when it was injuries that prompted the Mike Comrie acquisition and turned the season around? I'm hoping we'll see that again.
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