Friday, November 14, 2008

The Rumour Mill: Is Bryan Murray in trouble?

With all the calls from fans to fire Bryan Murray, you'd think he was already gone. But is it likely that owner Eugene Melnyk will fire the man he made general manager two summers ago? If things keep going the way they're going right now, I don't think it's unlikely--Melnyk isn't one to take a missed playoff lightly, especially since he's willing to spend to the cap to win. And, with Brian Burke now available and (apparently) looking to come to eastern Canada, there's a proven replacement available.

According to Scott Burnside of, Ottawa is one of a few options that Burke may have as he's looking for a new job. Here's what Burnside said:
"How would that be for irony? Burke's Ducks beat the Bryan Murray-coached Ottawa Senators in the 2007 Stanley Cup finals, a series that cost then-Ottawa GM John Muckler his job. Murray, who succeeded Muckler as GM in Ottawa and preceded Burke as GM in Anaheim, has his hands full in Ottawa with cap issues and depth of talent. Owner Eugene Melnyk is a mercurial sort, and Burke might be right up his alley. Again, not necessarily fair, but eminently possible for a team that looks to be life and death to make the playoffs."

Personally, I'm of the opinion that the problems with this team extend beyond signings that Murray has made, but I'm not sure how they can be solved. If nothing changes on the ice, though, something will have to change off the ice.

(via James Mirtle's "From the Rink")
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