Thursday, November 15, 2007

Et Sen-tera

Three distant claps and a *cough* for everyone who realized that the name "Tlusty" had the word "lusty" in it, and then used it in a headline. Congratulations - you must be great at the Saturday Junior Jumble!

Nick Foligno was demoted to Binghamton. The guy will get more experience on the farm and everyone will get to see if he is (or will be) a relatively good player. If he racks up 70 points in Bingo, it'll be a more accurate indication of his potential than 2 points in 9 NHL games.

From yesterday's Ottawa Sun, Dany Heatley averages 1.1 points per game with Jason Spezza in the lineup and 1.33 without. Extremely interesting fact: Heatley goes long stretches without scoring, and actually got his 50 goals from last season in only 36 games, in the other 46 games, he didn't score a goal at all.

This also means that Heater didn't score a goal on most nights last year. He simply made up for it by scoring 2 goals the following game.

With the Sens taking on the Sabres tonight, we'll get to see just how wrong things have gone in Buffalo since last season. Score prediction: 4-2 Sens - no empty net goals.
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