Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Foligno on his way back

Strange. Looks like Nick Foligno is on his way back to Ottawa. Apparently the expectation is that Alexander Nikulin is on his way back to Binghamton to continue his development there.

While I'm disappointed to see Sputnik sent back down, I think Foggie might be the most appropriate replacement for Patrick Eaves while Eaves is out with that shoulder injury. He plays a style more like Eaves did, and is more accustomed to the pace and style of the North American game.

Still, I don't think Sputnik was given much of a chance to succeed in his short stint in the NHL. Head coach John Paddock gave him less than 10 minutes over two games to show what he can do. And the Sens ended up losing those games anyway, so what would there have been to lose if he'd been given more ice time?

Oh well, good for Foligno. With 5 assists in 6 games for the B-Sens, maybe he'll have a bit more offensive ability in the big league.
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