Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No, really... Toronto is soooo bad

After their win against the Sens, I thought the Leafs had turned a corner. I thought they were finally going to try and hide the defensively-deplorable defensive corps by employing a trapping, boring-as-hell style of game, the kind I'm sure Paul Maurice has been trying to get them to do.

I watched the second period of the Leafs/Bruins game last night, and it looked like Toronto was doing pretty well. I actually thought that, if they kept playing like they were playing, they could make the playoffs. They were up 2-0, playing a 1-2-2 deep trap, and keeping Boston to the outside. Then it all went to hell, and the Leafs lost 4-2.

How hard it must be for Leafs fans... to have your team constantly struggling, and then to be beaten by a third-string goaltender whom you traded for your current second-string goaltender after beating the best team in the league.

Oh well. The Leafs suck. The only reason I might want them to win is so that they sneak into the eighth playoff spot so Ottawa can beat them and finally exorcise those daemons.
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